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Hawaii Adventures Await: Why Now is the Perfect Time to Plan Your Tropical Retreat

It’s the Perfect Time to Come Hang in Hawaii

Ready to escape the ordinary? Hawaii is calling your name! Picture this: unbeatable beauty, exciting events, diverse landscapes, and an invitation to just let go and chill. Pack your bags and let the Twin Fin Hotel be your gateway to the paradise that awaits — it’s time to answer the call of aloha! And why is this very moment the prime time to plan your visit to Hawaii? Well, let’s dive in and uncover the irresistible reasons together!

New Destination, New Adventures

Parley & Twin Fin

Has visiting a new destination been on your vacation list?! And does your list include a craving for gorgeous views, adventure, or trying new things? If so, you’re in for a treat! Never set foot in Hawaii? Well, now’s the perfect time to start planning your visit to paradise! And for those who have been before, O‘ahu’s constantly buzzing with new and exciting happenings, so there’s always something fresh to discover. 

Plus, you can plan your getaway knowing that no matter what time of year you come, Mother Nature will be on your side. Whether you’re escaping the winter chill, dodging spring showers, or avoiding the heatwaves elsewhere, Hawaii’s got your back with warm, comfortable temperatures.

Can you feel the thrill of ticking off days on your calendar, eagerly awaiting your next adventure? Research shows that the anticipation of an experience — like a trip— significantly boosts happiness! And another study shares that having a vacation booked and on the horizon is when you’re at your happiest. So, why wait? Picture yourself planning your own getaway to Hawaii, start crossing days off your calendar, and soon, you’ll be officially here in paradise.

Epic Events

Milky way galaxy at Waikiki beach Hawaii

So, you’re eyeing Hawaii for some tropical vibes? Good call! Here on the laid-back island of Oʻahu, our event lineup for the year is nothing short of lively.

For a special Hawaiian tradition, the Honolulu Festival happens in March, when the island comes alive with energy and cultural celebrations. As Memorial Day rolls around, a more serene experience awaits at the Lantern Floating Festival. Then, come fall, immerse yourself in the exquisite flavors of Hawaiian cuisine at the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival. If you’re a foodie, this one is not to be missed! The best part? All these exciting events are just a stone’s throw away from the comfort of the Twin Fin.

Speaking of events and the Twin Fin, we have fun stuff happening right here at our hotel! If you’re with us, don’t miss our stellar Stargazing adventure. You’ll be perched above Waikiki Beach, gazing up at the night sky through our large telescopes — it’s a celestial experience you won’t forget. Want to take home more than memories? Join one of our Paint & Sip classes and bring home your Hawaiian masterpiece. And for those seeking pure relaxation, make it a pool day and indulge in the ultimate comfort by renting one of our cushioned daybeds or cabanas.

Oʻahu’s Tropical Playground

Beautiful Spitting Cave of Portlock vista on Oahu, Hawaii

Beyond events, there are plenty of other reasons to jet off to Hawaii and come hang with us! Whether you’re craving an adventurous escapade or a laid-back retreat, Oʻahu has the ideal blend of both.

Let’s talk about the beaches — because a trip to Hawaii without experiencing the breathtaking shores is simply incomplete, and Honolulu is a true oasis with some of the best beaches around! Head out for a short 30-minute drive and discover Kailua Beach Park — the perfect shores to chill out at for a quiet and peaceful beach day. Traveling on foot? No problem. A few steps from our door, you’ll find Kuhio Beach, with its calm waters and laid-back vibes. And, if you’re wondering where the locals love to go, check out Kaimana Beach! Quiet during the weekdays and a bit more lively over the weekends, it’s great for all things beach-related — swimming, lounging, paddleboarding, and surfing! We might be slightly biased, but we genuinely believe our beaches boast a laid-back charm like no other. 

But we’re just getting started! As we mentioned, if you’re hoping for an adventure, we’ve got the scoop! Honolulu is full of hiking havens, hidden gems, and cultural experiences just waiting for you! Take a stroll through the Kaka’ako and see the impressive street murals that have turned the district into a wide-open gallery. Or, to check out some of Hawaii’s scenery, explore the natural wonder of the Spitting Caves and the thrilling views of sea, sky, and cliffs beyond its lookout. Check out our guide to the best off-the-beaten-path adventures to see even more of the fun-filled things to do on Oʻahu.

A man and woman holding surf board getting ready to surf at Waikiki beach

Now, let’s ride the waves! At the Twin Fin Hotel, we’ve carved out your perfect wave-riding destination. Situated right across from the iconic Waikiki Beach, one of the best surf spots on the island, we live and breathe the surfing lifestyle. Fun fact: our hotel is even named after the Twin Fin surfboard! When you stay with us, you can catch the morning swell, ride the waves, and then retreat to your oasis to unwind in style. New to surfing? No worries — we’ve partnered with the Jamie O’Brien School of Surf to offer a variety of surf lessons! And as you eagerly countdown to your stay, keep an eye on our live surf cam for a sneak peek of the waves awaiting you.

The Perfect Time to Experience the Aloha Life

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With your vacation days freshly set and the allure of warm Hawaiian temperatures, now is the perfect moment to embark on your tropical adventure. Oʻahu, our inviting island, is home to vibrant events, pristine beaches, and the perfect beaches for surf enthusiasts.

How many days do you need in Honolulu? Well, that’s up to you! Whether you plan a short escape or an extended getaway, we always have special offers on the go to meet your vacation needs. Seal the deal and answer the call of aloha book your stay in one of our modern rooms or suites now. Your tropical playground is prepped, and the adventure of a lifetime is waiting.

Woman enjoying Maui ocean during the day on surfboard; | Twin Fin Hotel | Love Maui | Maui Ocean View Stays
Person surfing during the day in Maui | Twin Fin Hotel | Love Maui | Maui Ocean View Stays
Palm trees against rainbow sky during the day | Twin Fin Hotel | Love Maui | Maui Ocean View Stays
Rusted Ford truck with surfing boarding in the truck bed | Twin Fin Hotel | Love Maui | Maui Ocean View Stays